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What do you do when you’re passionate about many things? Maybe you like design, but you’re also fond of lettering, and—hold the phone—you’re a musician too and you love making music! As creative people, it can feel really overwhelming having enthusiasm for many different pursuits.

We take a more conversational approach to todays show and talk through some of the challenges we face as creative people, embracing the current season you’re in, welcoming the limitations it brings, and why it’s ok that we can’t do everything at once.

Show Notes
  • 08:54 Struggling with feeling like one of your passions has “had its time”.
  • 11:14 Choosing from multiple passions.
  • 15:05 Embracing the season you’re in.
  • 18:36 The efforts put into one pursuit can count as credits toward the “10,000 hours” of another pursuit.
  • 19:03 “Which thing should I pursue?” Don’t let yourself feel paralyzed.
  • 20:30 Why the limitations of your current seasons are a good thing.
  • 21:30 Remember that the things that you’re not pursuing in this season aren’t going away forever.
  • 23:38 We often forget to look back at the things we did before that benefit where we are now.
  • 24:05 Even when you’re working in a job that seems completely unrelated to what you want to do, there may be some aspect about what you’re doing that you can take with you to the next thing.
  • 26:04 Breaking the things we do into 3 categories:
    1. Main activities
    2. Hobbies
    3. Disconnects
  • 31:11 Make sure it’s not just the idea of something that you think you love.
  • 35:16 Building a brand vs. Just being you
  • 36:22 Rather than let what you believe to be your brand limit you, instead embrace the uniqueness of who you are and what you want to do and allow that to expand and evolve your brand.
  • You may be in a season you don’t enjoy, but you have no idea how the things you’re learning right now will serve what you do in the future.

  • 41:10 Stop worrying about which passion is the right one, just pick one. Start doing one of them. If its a short season, its a short season. If its a long one, its a long one. Just embrace that. You’re going to get to the next thing before you know it. What you learn along the way is going to help your next thing.