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I’m rushing out for a flight as I type this, but rather than leave you empty handed, I figured I’d be crazy and record the talk I’ll be giving this weekend so you can listen from the comfort of your homes. I share my journey, cover The Overlap Technique in depth, and provide a bit more info about my upcoming book. Do yourself a favor and listen in. Enjoy!

Show Notes
  • 01:47 Chronic perfectionism: it’s good in that it has a large part to do with my brand and the quality of my work, but it can be paralyzing and keep us from shipping.
  • 02:48 I tell myself 90% is my job on this project.
  • 03:23 If I wanted to give the “perfect” talk I envision, it would take months if not years. So enjoy my 90% version of this talk! =)
  • My Story
  • 04:41 I’m a letterer now, but I didn’t always use to be a letterer.
  • 04:46 Growing up, we’re told a lot of things. I think we often don’t realize how impressionable children are. Parents want their kids to be safe, and the ideologies they impose often reflect this. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, but I don’t think we’re told often enough that it’s ok to want something different—even and especially when it doesn’t follow the beaten path.
  • 05:10 As I got older, I started to challenge the status quo. At first vocationally, and then I started to question the status quo in all areas.
  • 05:32 We’re told:
    • Go to college
    • Get a real job (or be a starving artist)
    • Go into debt – take out a loan to buy a car or house
    • Charge by the hour
    • Provide clients with multiple concepts
    • Put ads on your website
    • Use sponsors to monetize your podcast
    • … because that’s what you do.
  • 06:25 Crazy idea: But what if I started with my values? What if I start with my passion and went from there?
  • My purpose with this talk
    • I’m not here to tell you how to live.
    • I’m here to share what I’ve learned.
    • I’m here to tell you to let go of what other people have imposed on you.
    • I’m here to tell you to wipe the slate clean and start with your values, and start with your passions.
  • 07:04 Here’s my journey:
    • Was in a band in highschool. We were full time for awhile, but it eventually slowed and we needed something to supplement our income that would be flexible enough to accommodate our irregular gig schedule.
    • I started a computer repair business. I also got married, life got busier, and I ended up stepping down from the band.
    • The computer repair business was going well, but I didn’t anticipate how strongly I would feel the creative void when I left the band.
    • To fill this void, I began to pursue design in my nights and weekends. I began teaching myself design, learning design, practicing design, and taking on freelance clients.
    • This started going really well and got to the point where I was turning down jobs left and right—but the computer repair was doing well too!
    • I decided it was time to put the computer repair business on the backburner. I hired a guy and started contracting out the work. I was still running the business, but it was no longer my full time gig so I could scale up the design.
    • While freelancing, I was building websites, doing both the design and coding, but especially enjoying the design. I called up a buddy who was a developer and asked him if he was interested in starting a web firm. He was.
  • Aaaaand… I’m sorry folks, I ran out of time typing these shownotes (I’m only about 20% through the content!).

    I have to leave for my flight in 8 minutes, so do yourself a favor and listen to the full audio version where I go over The Overlap Technique in depth.