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My brother randomly stopped by my house the other day. His visit was unexpected, but welcome. After a few minutes of catching up, he asked for my advice on college—specifically, if it was worth his while.

Now, my brother is a phenomenally talented pianist. He has a day job, but he’s planning to move on from it soon and he’s wondering if he should go to college or pursue his passion in music. He doesn’t particularly have anything he wants to go to college for, it’s more that he feels he needs a goal of some sort in this coming season of his life.

In this episode, I recap with Ben the conversation I had with my brother. We get to talking about the reasons for and against college, how to make your own path if you don’t go to college, and I decide to finally go into detail on my strict No-Debt Mentality.

The bottom line:

If you go to college and you don’t learn how to learn, then you’ve learned nothing.

Going to college can help you comprehend this concept, but not everyone has to go to college to grasp it.

I don’t pretend to pitch doing things differently as being easier. In fact, it’s much HARDER than the conventional route. If you need the forced structure, then college may be beneficial, but keep in mind that you will be required to learn for the rest of your life.

Your skills will stagnate REGARDLESS of whether you went to college if you are not able to continue teaching yourself.

If you have the self-discipline, and if you are driven, and if you already have a solid grasp on learning-to-learn, you can make a living with your passion without going to college.

Most of my podcasts have very concise shownotes, but given the very exploratory and conversational nature of this episode, I think distilling it down to bullet points would be doing it a disservice. I recommend you tune in, listen to the discussion, and give it some thought and reflection.