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This is the in-depth case study of the original launch of my first course, Learn Lettering, in 2014. I shared what went into the marketing, design, and production of the course—as well as the emails sent and advice I got from Nathan Barry on pricing and packaging.

This was the first course I ever launched. I shared this case study to show you the detailed process of launching an online course. This case study is not specifically for designers or lettering artists. It’s not intended to help you launch your own lettering course. It’s not intended to sell my course. It’s purely to pull back the curtain and show you what goes into the production and marketing of a six-figure online course, and it is applicable to anyone teaching an online course on any topic.

Since this case study was written in 2014, I’ve learned a lot about marketing. I am no longer a designer—I have since shifted to teaching business. I’ve since launched numerous other courses on topics including copywriting and pricing client work.

While much of the information in this original case study is still relevant, there are a lot of things I’ve learned in the years since. A year later, I reproduced this course and added 50% more lessons to the business side. There is a new, more recent case study that is free if you would like to read it here:

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