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Everywhere you look online, you see little counters. Everything is “likable” and every “like” inflates a counter. But what does the counter mean? What does it represent? Does it convey value? Is it an indication of worth?

I had a very real conversation with a few close friends. What I’ve found is that we have common struggles. Notoriety on the internet is such a strange thing and if we’re not careful, we can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of acclamation.

Show Notes
  • Where does your satisfaction and fulfillment come from?
  • You’ll never get to the point where you say “3,000 followers is good enough for me!” or “30,000 followers is good enough for me!” or “3,000,000 followers is good enough for me!”
  • Arrival is a fictitious state.
  • Focus on the joy of creating instead of living for the next thing.
  • Fulfillment coming from a focus on the now.

Create as well as you can and when you do share it—if it doesn’t do well—what should matter is if you felt it did well.

Maybe take some critique or whatever you need to do, but don’t store up your worth in how well it performs once it hits the web.