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This is a big show. I’m going to challenge you. I get real and I talk real numbers. I step out of my comfort zone to motivate and inspire you to set bigger goals—goals that make your biggest dreams look small. Ben asks if it will be a potentially life-changing episode—I say yes, but not “potentially”. It will be a life-changing episode. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll certainly come away with a renewed vigor and a very specifically-defined goal that you will undoubtedly accomplish.

Show Notes
  • The Goal I Achieved Before I Started On It
  • 06:05 5 years ago, I wrote an email to myself:
  • goal

  • 06:46 What’s important isn’t the monthly goal or the type of work. It’s this part: “I have my new job. I’ve got it.”
  • 07:13 I didn’t have it. But I believed that I had it. In my mind, it was already done. In my mind, I was already there.
  • 08:05 Once I believe that I’ve achieved it, it’s just a matter of having reality align with my mindset.
  • 08:57 How long do you think it was before I met this goal? 1 week? 3 weeks? 8 months?
  • 09:07 Two years later, it hit me. Being self-employed, I didn’t immediately know my monthly income off-hand like an employee with a bi-monthly paycheck would. I had to run some calculations and add up revenue from various sources, but once I did, I saw that I had passed $3,000 in the last month.
  • 09:46 This was a big moment for me. When I’d first written that goal, I was shooting for the stars. The time it took to get there didn’t matter. I didn’t place a deadline on it, the important thing was that I had already accomplished the goal in my mind 2 years ago.
  • This Mindset Scales
  • 10:15 Fast forward 3 years, I’m now making 10x the monthly goal I set 5 years ago. What’s different? What has changed?
  • Nothing has changed: I continue to write down my goals and believe I’ve accomplished them.

  • 11:05 That’s it. During the 6 months that I was preparing, planning, and working on Learn Lettering, I wrote down my goals and believed that I achieved them. I was planning for success.
  • 12:38 I’m never allowing myself to think that I failed to meet my goal—only that I haven’t gotten there yet.
  • 14:56 Where you’re at is a result of the goals that you set prior to this day and the steps you took to achieve them.
  • 15:42 Limited goals affect your mindset.
  • 19:13 It’s easy to write all of this off as some high-in-the-sky, think-yourself-into-success nonsense. But the truth is, most people are scared to set big goals.
  • 19:27 What if I don’t accomplish them? What will other people think of me?
  • 19:33 Don’t share your big goals with everyone—share them with people who believe in you and will support you. It really is your mindset. It comes down to whether you believe you can achieve this—whether you believe that you already have achieved this.
  • When you dream big, people will call you impractical. But you can’t think like everyone else if you want to see different results from them.

  • 21:03 Maybe you have a goal of what you want to do vocationally. Maybe you have a goal of where you want to live. Maybe you have a goal of what car you want to drive. Maybe you have a goal of what house you want, or how often you work, or when you work, or where you work. People will think certain things about your goals and it doesn’t matter. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS to shape your life around what other people think. Let me tell you why…
  • 21:22 Even when it comes to the closest person in your life (your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse), you probably share about 4–5% of your waking life with them.
  • 22:10 And that’s the closest person to you! If you consider even your best friends—let’s say you actually hang out with them once a week (and kudos if you do that often)—you’re probably sharing about 1.5–2% of your life with them.
  • 23:28 In theory, your spouse and best friends would be believing in you and supporting you in your goals. But acquaintances beyond them are probably sharing 0.5% or less of your life. People will talk you down from your goals—why let someone who shares such an infinitesimally small part of your life limit your potential and your aspirations? Why let these people tell you that your goal is impractical?
  • You are the only person who lives 100% of your life.

  • 24:54 This is it. This is life. You’re listening to this show and that is amazing, because you exist right now. You’re alive. That is incredible. You have ONE existence. It is an utter shame to let what someone else thinks limit you.
  • 27:14 Why you need to reevaluate your goals regularly.
  • 28:06 You can’t reevaluate your goals too often.
  • Wipe The Slate Clean
  • 32:07 What do you want to do?
  • 33:05 Take your goal and evaluate what you’re doing. Evaluate whether what you’re doing is going to enable that goal and make it possible. If your goal is to travel and your job does not allow you the freedom to do so, then get out of that job.
  • 33:28 Wipe the slate clean: What do you want to do? Forget the money. Forget your payment. Name a figure—name whatever amount of money you want, and let’s assume it’s deposited into your account automatically. It’s done. Now: What do you wake up wanting to do? What are you passionate about? What is going to fulfill you?
  • 33:56 “Well I want to sit on the beach all day for the rest of my life!”
  • 34:02 That might be fun for awhile, but after the honeymoon phase wears off, then it’s not really going to fulfill you long term. We are designed to be creative. We are designed to be productive. We are designed to make things, and we want to feel like we have a purpose.
  • 34:47 You need to uncover that purpose. Go deeper.
  • It’s too easy to keep your dreams within the constraints of your current reality.

  • 36:38 What you dream is going to motivate you. If you’re dreaming too small, that’s all you’re going to get.
  • 36:43 If you think 1 million dollars is a lot of money, you might get 1 hundred thousand. If you think 10 million dollars is a lot of money, you might get 1 million dollars. It’s about your mindset. It’s about how big you’re dreaming.
  • Stop What You’re Doing Right Now
  • 37:15 Write down ONE large goal.
    1. 38:00 Take a goal that you previously thought was large, and double that goal. Write it down. Write a note. Send an email to yourself. Hand write it—it doesn’t matter. Write down one large goal and don’t limit it to your current reality or what you think you can accomplish. What do you want? What is your dream?
    2. 38:39 Secondly, write down 20 steps MINIMUM that would lead you to accomplishing that goal. The first 5 will be easy—10, a little bit harder. You’re going to struggle getting to 20 things, but I don’t want you to stop until you get to 20. The 20th thing might be the one that works, so don’t stop short.
    3. 39:07 Now pick ONE and start doing it. Just pick one and do one small step every single day towards this goal. That’s it.
  • 39:27 Do you believe it? You have to believe that you have achieved this goal.
  • 48:38 Most people die before accomplishing their dreams—often before even getting a taste of their dreams—because they settle. They let people talk them out of it. Here’s the thing:
  • Everyone else is going to have priorities for you, and how you should live your life, and how you should spend your money.

    They will impose their priorities on you.

    Do you want to disappoint those people or do you want to disappoint the future version of yourself?

  • 52:15 If you have a lofty goal, and you write down the reasons that you want that thing, you will find that there is a lesser version of your goal that will fit all of that criteria. Every time. The question is, “Are you going to settle?”