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Why do people subscribe to you? Why should people subscribe to you? What value do you provide? If you can’t answer these questions, there’s a problem.

Are you consistently delivering the kind of content people expect from you? Are you valuing their time and attention by putting in the forethought and preparation needed to create valuable content?

Creating content of this caliber on a consistent basic requires a substantial amount of effort and dedication—one that many are not willing to put forth. Worse, when you reach a certain level of success, you can be tempting to “coast” on your past success, fooling yourself into believing that your reputation alone will carry you forward.

In this episode, we discuss Celebrity Syndrome, and how to avoid it now before you get there. We dig deep into the value-centric questions you need to ask yourself to stay on track.

It’s hard to maintain quality output. That’s exactly why you need to do it. It’s about thinking of the value of the time and effort you’re putting in now as being quantified by future returns.

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