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Do you come home from work every day completely drained? Is your creative energy zapped when you get off work? Are you completely unmotivated to work on the side projects of your passion? Let’s face it: you’re probably in the wrong day job.

The day job is the foundational platform of The Overlap Technique that supports your ability to grow your passion organically to the point of making a living.

The key is a day job you don’t hate. It’s not going to be your favorite thing to do, but it can’t be something that drains you creatively. If you hate your day job, you need to quit. You probably already know that and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. We’re here to motivate you and help you through the many struggles associated with quitting.

I’m not talking about being foolish. I’m talking about making a calculated risk and going all in with the things you love. Let’s take the dive.

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