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I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m big on having no debt, but I haven’t yet explored the topic exclusively. This episode is dedicated to defining The No-Debt Mentality.

I was planning to record a solo-show, but while talking about it to my wife, Laci, she actually volunteered to join me! So instead of just a personal overview, it’s more of a behind-the-scenes look at how a married couple handles real life without ever going into debt for anything (that includes a house).

I know many of those who are younger are regularly shown the lifestyle of debt as being a given. It’s simply presented as something you do (and as something everyone does). But debt is always a choice. It’s a choice you make—and often justify. I want to show you one example of a couple who chose not to use debt as a tool.

You’re either the master or the slave. You own your life or you owe your life.

I’m hoping to especially be a voice for those who are younger to give a tangible account of what life looks like without debt. It’s definitely not easy, but it is 100% possible and very rewarding.

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