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Not long ago, I had numerous, separate email lists for various things like newsletters, podcasts, and my courses. Things were very fragmented and confusing. Many people who wanted to receive updates of my new posts weren’t getting everything because they weren’t on all of the right lists—my fault.

I realized this fragmentation wasn’t helping anybody. I was thinking of things very literally: there’s “podcasts” and there’s “newsletters.” But when I took a step back, I realized that everything I’m about is helping you make a living with your passion.

Whether it’s newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, or videos, that’s what I want to help you with. It doesn’t make much sense to have individual lists for each medium. While I’m using different mediums to share new facets of the same message, it’s all fresh, relevant content.

If you’re thinking of combining multiple email lists, running several lists of your own, or you’re just plain curious, this episode provides an intriguing breakdown of the response I got.

Things You’ll Learn
  • Daily subscription numbers before the new website launch.
  • Daily subscription numbers after website launch (hint: big increase).
  • Why I consolidated my lists.
  • How I consolidated my lists.
  • The campaign I sent leading up to the merge.
  • Exact unsubscribe numbers for the last 7 campaigns.
  • Responses received from upset people.
  • How I interpret those responses and how they influence the way I move forward.
  • Frequency of emails.
  • Why it’s ok if it’s “too much” for some people.

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