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You walk into your favorite coffee shop. It’s a bit early and you’re somewhat groggy. Standing in line, you already know what you’re going to order. It’s the same thing every time.

“What can I get started for you?”

Startled, you come out of your daze and place an order.

Stepping away from the counter, you look around to take in the scene. “Why are people up at this hour anyway?” you wonder. Your thoughts are interrupted. Wait a minute.

Is that… is that Sean and Ben?

Yes in fact, it is! You see Sean and Ben sitting at a two-seater table by the window. Ben seems as animated as ever, using his hands to talk. He appears to be telling a story. Sean is listening; calm and solemn. He looks serious, but you can tell he cares.

Your drink is called out. Picking up the warm beverage, you wonder how you might get closer to the conversation.

An adjacent table is serendipitously vacated by its previous owner, opening the perfect opportunity for you to sit down right behind Ben and eavesdrop.

“This must be one of the meetings they always talk about,” you think. For a moment, you wonder if they might perceive that you are attempting to listen in on their chat. You chuckle when you realize that they wouldn’t actually recognize you. It just feels like you know them from listening to the podcast for so long.

You lean back and take another sip of your coffee as you tune in to the discussion.

The Mentorship Meeting

Every other Monday, I meet with Ben.

In a recent episode, we talked about the importance of accountability (Related: e107 Why You Need an Accountability Partner & How to Find One). We thought it would be fun to let you be a fly on the wall for one of our mentorship meetings.

It’s a more laid back episode and it starts out casually, but we open up to some really solid gold nuggets. I think you’re going to enjoy getting a peek into our meetings.

Here’s some of what we get into:

  • Determining what to post publicly on the blog and what to keep exclusive to the newsletter.
  • Is it ok to switch up the kind of media you’re producing and sharing as long as there‚Äôs something once a week?
  • The value of your time a year from now and how it should influence the way you think now.
  • Do you really need tangible experience to begin sharing valuable advice now?
  • What determines whether something is valuable to someone.
  • Why having a track record to point to is crucial.
  • The reason you can’t just be passionate about the WHY and how to use the WHAT to give people something to hold onto.
  • The daily writing tactic that doesn’t even require writing on the first day.