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Is it actually possible to get an extra day a week? What would that even look like? Imagine going through your entire week, doing all of your work, and having a whole day left over.

Think of all the things you could do. You could relax, you could kick back, spend some time with your family, maybe do some cleaning around the house… Heck, maybe you’re hustling right now and thinking of how much more you could accomplish if you had another day just to work on your side project!


“What are you talking about, Sean?”


“Ok, now I’m totally confused.”

Those are the two things that most people lack. They don’t have focused work time and they don’t carve out silence and prevent interruptions.

If you’re allowing interruptions, you might as well be throwing money out the window. I’m going to tell you the difference between productive people and super productive people. We’re going to look at the way to create focused work time and how to get an extra day a week.

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