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Isn’t it crazy how one conversation can change the course of your life? If I had written a “Best of 2014” list on December 27th it would already be wrong.

Normally, I do mini sabbatical episodes. Normally, they are short. Normally, they are solo shows. Normally, they have me playing kalimba in the background. Normally, they’re pre-recorded.

Nothing about what you’re going to hear in this episode is normal.

2014 was an amazing year. More than a quarter of a million dollars from one product. Two new full-time employees. Over 100 podcast episodes. A daily video show. Redesigning my entire website. Live streaming a fully-produced, multi-DSLR video show multiple times a week. Starting Small Scale Sabbaticals. Launching and growing the Community to 3-figure membership and beyond.

But I haven’t even told you the crazy part yet.

That’s because the crazy part was one conversation over coffee just 2 days ago that changed the course of everything. You’re about to hear a recap of this past year, but what the seanwes brand is, what it means, and what it will become in 2015…

…will all change.

In this more “unplugged” version of the seanwes podcast, Aaron Dowd unexpectedly joins me on my sabbatical to record this special edition recap episode.

Here’s a glance at some of the topics discussed:

Things That Went Well
  • Learn Lettering (Over a quarter million in revenue alone)
  • seanwes Community (Launching and growing to 3-figure members)
  • seanwes podcast (100 episodes)
  • seanwes tv (daily video show – 36 episodes)
  • Redesigning my site (Massive ground-up rebuild over the summer)
  • Saying no to speaking (Did a couple workshops, but really wanted to focus)
  • Hiring 2 full-time employees (Plus multiple contractors)
What Didn’t Get Finished
  • The Overlap Technique (Why my book didn’t get finished as soon as I hoped, and why it wasn’t entirely a bad thing.)
The Future

Of course, Aaron didn’t join me just to talk about my past year. He came on to talk about a pivotal meeting he and I had just last weekend.

A meeting that changed the course of the year to come.

What started as a quick coffee turned into a massive, 5-hour brainstorming session. In this episode, you’ll hear about my big expansion plans for the seanwes brand as a platform and a network.