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Isn’t it crazy how one conversation can change the course of your life? If I had written a “Best of 2014” list on December 27th it would already be wrong.

Normally, I do mini sabbatical episodes. Normally, they are short. Normally, they are solo shows. Normally, they have me playing kalimba in the background. Normally, they’re pre-recorded.

Nothing about what you’re going to hear in this episode is normal.

2014 was an amazing year. More than a quarter of a million dollars from one product. Two new full-time employees. Over 100 podcast episodes. A daily video show. Redesigning my entire website. Live streaming a fully-produced, multi-DSLR video show multiple times a week. Starting Small Scale Sabbaticals. Launching and growing the Community to 3-figure membership and beyond.

But I haven’t even told you the crazy part yet.

That’s because the crazy part was one conversation over coffee just 2 days ago that changed the course of everything. You’re about to hear a recap of this past year, but what the seanwes brand is, what it means, and what it will become in 2015…

…will all change.

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