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We’re back for part two of an epic three-part series on Value-Based Pricing. In part one, we went over five steps to getting started with Value-Based Pricing.

In this episode, you get unprecedented access to the exact messages exchanged between the professional and the client—read word for word.

You’ve wanted to learn how to position yourself as an investment rather than an expense to your clients—that’s what this episode focuses on. You’ll hear exact phrases used that sold a very valuable, high-dollar solution to the client.

I don’t think you can find another episode like this on the internet when it comes to Value-Based Pricing. You’re able to listen to a podcast where someone who is executing Value-Based Pricing talks about it with the person they did it with and you get to hear inside the client’s mind—who also happens to be a professional.

We’re reading real messages exchanged that resulted in a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in the project’s pricing. This is highly-useful information applicable to anyone in client services who wants to learn to price on value.

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