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Do you ever feel like what you have to say has already been said? What’s the point of putting your work out there? Why does your voice matter when everyone else is saying the same thing?

If people have written entire books on a subject, who are you to blog about it? Should you even try?

Yes. Emphatically yes!

We’ve all heard that there’s nothing new under the sun but it also takes hearing new information 7 times before it’s retained.

So even if someone else is saying the same thing and even if they’re doing it better, your voice can still be the one to resonate with people. Because of the Magic of 7, your delivery of a message might be someone’s 7th time hearing it.

When you are someone’s 7th time, they actually attribute the value of that thing to you—even if someone before you might have said it better already.

It’s the same with your clients and customers. Competition is a good sign and not anything to be afraid of. They’re actually priming people who are even more ready for you to close the deal.

We’re going to talk about how the Magic of 7 applies to competition, repurposing content, growing an audience, getting clients and selling to customers.

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