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There are only two prices where a product or service is acknowledged for its full value: full price or free.

For full price it’s obvious: when someone purchases at the full amount, they value for the full amount.

When a buyer purchases a discounted product, they don’t see the original price as the value—they value it at the discounted amount.

The only way to win by discounting is to become a discount brand. Discounts are always a devaluation.

Giving someone a gift or doing work pro-bono is giving them something of full value at no cost. Unlike with discounts, the recipient of the gift values it at the full amount.

In this episode, you’ll hear why I never ask clients for a budget and why discounting not only sacrifices your long-term profitability and brand perception, but it’s a big middle finger to your past customers. I talk about you what to do instead to create urgency and sell.

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