166: 4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Afraid to Niche Down

Choosing a niche can be scary. Narrowing your focus can be overwhelming.

I’ve talked a lot about how people will put you in a box and that you want to define the box they’re going to put you in. A lot of people have been saying they want to curate what they share and niche down, but they are afraid.

It seems like you’re saying no to so much. What if you’re too specific? What if the industry changes or your niche is no longer valuable?

What balance should you strike between entering a validated market and distinguishing yourself by offering something different?

Ultimately, it comes down to people. When you’re focused on understanding and serving peoples’ needs, you’re always going to be tuned in to what’s relevant and valuable.

We talk about all this and a lot more in this episode.