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I have to take off a week from podcasting.

The Community is set to finally re-open on Monday, May 18th, with a very big launch after being closed for developments for over a month.

However, there’s an incredible amount of work left to do. Recording 3 or 4 podcasts a week and shipping them with featured images and shownotes is more than a full-time job. There simply was not going to be enough time to re-launch the Community if I continued my normal podcasting schedule.

This is where I had to face a reality: I’m going to have to break my routine.

You’ll hear me face this reality and talk through the impact breaking a routine has on an audience. While I initially felt like I was doing my audience a disservice, I came to realize that it would be an even bigger disservice to neglect taking care of the very things that allowed us to continue providing value.

This episode also takes an interesting turn. I talk about prolific film-maker Casey Neistat who’s been doing insanely epic, daily vlogs for nearly 50 days in a row now.

We talk about overcommitting and what happens when an audience comes to expect an unrealistic output resulting from overcommitment.

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