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You failed. Now what? How do you come back from that?

How do you overcome the fear of failure? Does failure even exist?

People may call me naive or dumb, but I don’t believe failure exists. Before you write me off, bear with me in this episode. I’m not saying things never go wrong, but I’ve removed the word “failure” from my vocabulary.

The way I choose to see it is this: I’ve found something that didn’t work. To me, that’s progress. Every experience that turns out other than the way we desire is an experience we can learn from.

In this episode, Ben and I are asked what we consider to be our biggest failures. I’ve struggled with the question, because I don’t think of things as failures. But when I mentally rephrase the question to, “What are some things you did that didn’t work out the way you want?” I immediately come up with stories to share.

Something happens midway through this episode. Suddenly, things get unlocked. We go deeper into the mindset behind how you think of failure.

One of the biggest things to remember is your work is not who you are. What you tried and the results of that isn’t who you are either. You are not the results of what you do.

We discuss handling repeated failure, when to know if you should quit, and what we learned from jumping in and doing things wrong.

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