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You’re leaving money on the table.

Something was working for you in the past and for some reason you stopped doing it.

Don’t feel bad, almost everyone does this! So much so that when I was on a plane last month, the guy sitting next to us on the flight home asked what I did. I decided to tell him my story.

At one point in my story, I said, “At this point, things were going pretty well…“ He interjected: “So you did something else, right?”

I laughed because of course he was right. He’d seen it time and again: people find something that works, but because of Shiny Object Syndrome they move on to something else.

In today’s episode, we look at revisiting the things that were working for you in the past to potentially double your revenue. We also talk about what you should be focusing on if you’ve yet to find something that works yet.

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