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Boy do we get real in this episode. The Community members who listened live are saying it’s one of the best.

Tenacity. Where does it come from and how do you get it? I am constantly talking about the hustle and working hard, but is that drive something you’re just born with?

I tell my story of growing up and how the people I was around told me I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I grew up around people who believed in me and spoke positivity into me. They told me I had the hand of Midas—that everything I touched turned to gold.

Now did they say that because it was true, or did I live out that reality because I believed what was said to me?

It’s probably a bit of both. I honestly believe the mindset that was created by the positive speaking is what bred my tenacity. I believed it, so I worked hard and as I worked hard, I believed it even more when I observed the results.

So how do you get this tenacity? You have to get around people who will kickstart the positive feedback loop. We talk about how to do this even when your friends or family aren’t positive and encouraging or when they don’t believe in your tenacity.

Like I said, this episode gets pretty real.

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