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Today, I share with you my 10-year long-game plan.

The landscape is changing. Formal education is going the way of traditional media: out.

The playing field is leveling. This is an opportunity for you, but it’s also an uphill battle. Because the barrier to entry is so low, that means anyone and everyone can get in.

It’s just like what happened with video: once everyone had a video camera in their pocket, YouTube exploded. Now it takes a significant effort to stand out.

The world we live in is an on-demand world. More and more, people want on-demand education. This is where things are headed. But where are they going to get it from? Is that going to be you?

You have the potential to be the source of education someone looks to but only if you position yourself right ahead of time. We talk about exactly how to do that in today’s episode.

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