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Today, I’ll be doing a shorter, hyper-focused episode on self-promotion.

I know a lot of people struggle with this. You have something you want to share, but you feel awkward telling people about it. It feels like you’re bragging or you’re being arrogant or something. Really, you just want to share something that you think is cool, or helpful, or valuable to someone, but for some reason it just feels weird.

In this short episode, I’m going to help you feel more confident about promoting, and not just feel less bad about it but actually feel good promoting!

Right now, you feel guilty promoting your stuff. It makes sense. It seems selfish at first, right? You feel like an attention hog. You feel like you’re just taking advantage of people who are giving you their attention.

Yet at the same time, you’re concerned because it feels like an awful, twisted mess. You actually want to provide them with more value, but they don’t even seem to know that it’s there. You “announce” it but nobody cares. What’s going on here?

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