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It’s 9pm, the night before this episode publishes. It’s a crazy week. I’ve been working overtime—16 to 18 hour days—every day of the week for some months now.

What is this all for? Why the crazy hours?

The simple reason? My new course, Learn Lettering 2.0, launches on Monday, July 27th, 2015.

The not-so-simple, deeper reasons? Well, that’s what I get into in this episode.

It’s very raw. I share real numbers—both the 3-figure dollar amount I was looking at in the bank as well as the 6-figure launch projections I’m projecting. I’m 100% transparent with it all.

I think this is one of the most real and vulnerable episodes to date. I talk about how even though I hustle like nobody’s business, I still have the desire to goof off and sink a ton of mindless hours into Reddit, YouTube, or Netflix.

I’m not immune to those temptations, but I also know that they don’t pay off. They aren’t fulfilling. It’s a false high.

I talk about how nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction I’m getting from working hard and helping people and getting their words of encouragement every day. It fuels me. It’s incredibly fulfilling. I feel immensely satisfied and I wouldn’t trade it.

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