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Learn Lettering 2.0 launched on Monday and as I write this, 3,300 people have signed up for Learn Lettering. I talk about how I was able to get this many signups in a little over one day, what it took to produce the course, how I wrote over 100,000 words in the past 6 weeks, what my 30-day hand lettering blog post series has done for building the list, how we’re getting people to share it, and a ton more.

It’s a speeding bullet of an episode and it will not quit. Just like our hustle.

It’s so jam-packed, in fact, we ended up splitting it into two parts. I do leave you with a cliffhanger, but not before providing massive value and behind-the-scenes marketing insights.

Seriously, in the middle of the show, Ben said he wanted to leave right then and go apply what he heard.

Oh! I almost forgot. We announce a very special live event happening for e200 of the seanwes podcast and how you can join us. You’ll have to listen to hear more about that.

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