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Constant switching, always juggling, so many things on your plate and so many responsibilities. Sound familiar?

It’s hard giving up things you want to do. It’s difficult delegating things you’re good at. It scary to say no to offering more services because you’re afraid that narrowing your focus will turn more people off.

In the beginning, you do have to wear a lot of hats. You do have to handle a lot of things in your business. This is a natural part of growth, but the risk is getting so accustomed to switching hats that you’re essentially a Professional Hat-Switcher.

In this episode we talk about learning to delegate and learning to focus. We also discuss when to hire and what kinds of things you should be giving up.

I remember enjoying all of the different things I used to do, but I knew they weren’t things that I should be doing. I knew I should be focusing on the things that only I can do. Now that I’ve delegated, the focus I have has been game-changing.

You may enjoy all of the things you’re doing, but what if it’s simply because you’ve never experienced the freedom and clarity of focusing on fewer things?

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