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It’s pretty easy to recognize a bad boss when you’re an employee. But when you work for yourself, you are your own boss. It’s a little more difficult to distance yourself from the situation to look at it objectively.

In this episode, we collectively team up to define what a good boss looks like, and then dive in and analyze the most common ways in which those of us who are self employed tend to be bad bosses of ourselves.

We talk about distinguishing between your two selves (your boss self and your employee self) to become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses. We discuss how personality types play in, and how being aware of your tendency to overwork or be over-lenient is something you have to compensate for.

I also share my vision for Small Scale Sabbaticals and why I pay all of my employees to take a week off every 7th week and how it has affected our company.

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