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It’s easy to dismiss someone entirely just because you don’t agree with one thing they believe.

I know I’ve been guilty of throwing the baby out with the bath water before. Someone has a belief that differs from you and you discredit them as a whole.

For instance, maybe it’s a marketer who uses a tactic you find spammy, or a business leader who curses when you don’t, or simply someone who has a different point of view of theology or politics.

Ben and I talk today about maturity and being open minded and why it’s actually good for the beliefs we already hold. The alternative is constructing an echo chamber around yourself where you only ever follow or listen to people who confirm beliefs you already have.

We talk about how allowing yourself to entertain ideas objectively and even let them challenge your beliefs is healthy and can strengthen your existing beliefs.

We also discuss how to distinguish between someone who simply has an opposing view, and may be worth hearing out, and someone who is simply spewing pollution.

It’s a very real and raw discussion!

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