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After two years of podcasting twice a week, we are excited to share our 200th episode with you.

Special guests Aaron Dowd and Matt Lopez join Ben and myself in person for this magical event. We talk about my “Show Up Every Day” mantra and our collective focus on the Long Game Mindset.

With hundreds of episodes under our belt, we still feel as though this truly is the very beginning and look forward to many more hundreds in the future.

We take a reflective look at how doing this show has changed our lives and what’s in store for the future.

This episode broadcasted publicly to a total of 1,058 live viewers who enjoyed full access to the Community chat during the event. We gave away over $2,000 in prizes to the group who attended live.

Last but not least, what really set apart this magical evening was the live jam session we put on. We transformed the room into a studio right before the eyes of the viewers and put on an unscripted show.

While the full live jam session was enjoyed exclusively by those who joined us live, I decided to include a single song at the end of the recorded podcast.

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