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Do you want to win?

Show up every day.

“I know, I know, Sean. You say it all the time. I’ve heard you.”

Well hear me again. Hear it a 7th time. Hear it a 700th time. Show up every day.

  • Show up when it hurts.
  • Show up when you’re tired.
  • Show up when when you’re not feeling it.
  • Show up when it’s early.
  • Show up when it’s late.
  • Show up when everyone else is giving up.
  • Show up when it’s the first day.
  • Show up when it’s 731st day.

Show up every day for two years and don’t expect any results in that time.

Any results you get in the first two years of showing up are a bonus. This is only the beginning. Gary Vaynerchuk did Wine Library TV every day for 18 months and nobody was watching. I posted hand lettering every day for two years and nobody cared.

But then they did.

Eventually they will. If you want to win, you need patience. You need consistency. You need to continue blogging. You need to continue podcasting. You need to continue producing videos, and writing newsletters. Keep showing up. Keep showing up when your friends have given up. Keep showing up when you get unsubscribers. Keep showing up when everyone else you know has decided it’s not worth it anymore.

Keep showing up even when you feel like the results aren’t coming as quickly as you want them to.

This is only the beginning.

There is no quick path to success. There is no quick path to growing an audience. There is no quick path to winning.

You have to be relentless. Nothing can stop you. You have to think ahead. You have to prepare beforehand. You have to make sacrifices and say no so you can go to bed early enough to wake up and write the next day.

Everyone else is playing. Everyone else is living it up now.

But you will win the long game.

You will be the one people remember. You will be the one they unfollow and eventually come back to because in the back of their mind they know you’re still showing up—you’re still producing content the entire time they unsubscribed. So they will come back eventually and they will remember you.

If you want to win, you have to find that drive. Dig deep. You have to want it. You have to want it more than you want the lesser things that will keep you from accomplishing it.

You have to show up every day. You have to put in the hard work now so you can see the results later. The benefits you’re reaping now are a direct result of the investments you made 2 and 3 years ago. Not seeing any returns? That’s because you’ve made no investments. Invest in your future. Earn some hustle credits. Do the work, it’s not going to do itself.