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Waking up early is hard. It’s even harder when you’re not a morning person.

If you’re like me, you’re a night owl. You get in the zone at night and that’s where you do your best work. You hate waking up early and it totally doesn’t feel like you.

I hear you. That was me. I’m a night owl at heart and I always did my best work at night, but that’s because I never truly gave mornings a chance.

I decided to compare my output when working early vs. working late. I was blown away by the results. On days that I woke up early, I accomplished twice as much. It was insane.

I don’t wake up early because I enjoy it. I do it because I like who I am when I do. I’m an objective person and I could not argue with the results. Could I be successful as a night owl? Yes. But could I be MORE successful as an early bird? Without a doubt.

In this episode, we’ll give you some practical tips for making the transition to waking up early and why it will completely revolutionize your day.

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