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You’ve been thinking about going to conferences. You’ve heard people talk about these great events with awesome speaks and wonderful people.

You want to experience a conference but you’re just too shy. You don’t consider yourself a people person or at least, it’s exhausting to have to be ON for long periods of time.

You’re not alone.

I mean, chances are you probably ARE alone if you’re an introvert, but I’m speaking figuratively. All joking aside though, we made this episode especially for you.

I am the most introverted of the introverted. You wouldn’t know it. I used to stand behind the door for the entirety of class as a 6-year-old. I was deathly afraid of conferences and meetups.

Now, not only do I go to conferences and regularly speak at them, but I’m putting on my own conference at!

This is crazy. What made the difference? What got me from there the here? In this episode, we dedicate it entirely to answering your questions about going to conferences. I guarantee the hesitations you have will be alleviated.

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