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Once upon a time, I hated daily emails.

I thought daily emails were spammy and horrible. You probably do too. Why? Because you’ve experienced horrible, daily emails! Naturally, those are what you think of when you hear “daily emails.”

But if you’re interested in bass fishing, are you going to wake up tomorrow no longer interested in bass fishing? No, of course not. You’re going to look at your subscriptions and watch videos and read magazines and articles about bass fishing.

It’s the same with growing your business or hand lettering. The people interested in hand lettering don’t wake up the next day and look at their Instagram feed and say, “Why am I getting all of these lettering posts in my feed?! Get them out!” That’s preposterous. They’re going to consume because it’s what they’re interested in!

There’s no question that people will consume content in the area of their interest every single day. The true question is whether it’s going to be your content or someone else’s content.

In this episode I’ll tell you how I had people sending me messages begging me not to stop sending daily emails on hand lettering. I’ll also explain why you don’t have to write every day to send daily emails (it will make sense when you listen).

You’ll also learn how to beat me by two years because I foolishly (like you) resisted this idea for years and robbed my audience of a ton of value and also missed out on opportunities for revenue. If you learn this lesson from me, instead of the hard way, you’re going to be so far ahead.

Oh, and I make a new course live on the air right in front of you.

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