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It’s time for you to sell.

I know that’s scary. Many of us have a bad association with the word “sell”. It leaves a bad taste in our mouth because of past experiences with salesmen.

But the difference between you and a salesman is that the salesman’s entire job is to sell. If you have a bad experience, it doesn’t affect them because you’re talking to customer support. Their sole goal is to get you to sign on the line that is dotted. Often this means doing whatever it takes to get you to buy.

We don’t like that and we don’t want to be like that person.

But you’re different. See, you made this thing you’re selling. You’re not selling someone else’s product you don’t believe in. You’re selling something you made to better people’s lives. People will benefit from what you created.

If you don’t learn to sell, people will not buy. Where does that leave you? Ultimately, it leaves you without a business. If you don’t make money, you can’t operate. Guess who loses? Everyone.

Everyone loses when you don’t sell. Your potential customer doesn’t benefit from the value you have to offer and you end up running your business into the ground which means not only are you out of a job, but you can no longer help people!

That’s where today’s episode comes in. I’m here to de-stigmatize the word “sell” for you. I’m going to show you why, when, and how to sell without feeling awkward.

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