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You want to launch something. You want people to care about it. You want them to buy. You don’t want to launch to crickets.

Maybe you made an app. Maybe want to launch a new product, subscription, or service. Maybe you have a really cool course. It’s going to help a lot of people.

Most people have two diametrically opposed goals: they want to keep their idea a secret while they make it, but when they launch they want everyone to know about it and care.

The problem is it doesn’t work like this.

You need to get people to care first. You can’t afford to launch to crickets.

The longer you hold onto what you believe to be the uniqueness of your idea, the more you lose.

Your idea is worthless.

What matters then? Execution. You must execute this launch flawlessly if you want it to resonate and you need to start yesterday. We’re already behind.

Still hanging with me? Are all the wannabes gone?

Good. Let’s get into the episode and learn how to get people to care and pay attention.

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