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By not offering payment plans on any of my products, I’m leaving an additional 20% revenue on the table.

I know this.

Why don’t I offer payment plans then? Because I don’t want people to live outside their means. I certainly don’t want them to go into debt.

If someone cannot yet afford a product from me or they would have to go into debt to buy it, I don’t want their money. I want them out of debt.

I want to help better people’s lives. If buying my product means putting someone in a stressful situation for many months, I don’t want them to buy from me.

This is why I make such high quality content available for free. I prefer people apply the information I give away freely to their business first and make money from that. Many people have reported that they are charging thousands more with their clients as a result of the free information I produce. This is what I want for them!

While I’m leaving money on the table, I know that I’m not the cause of enabling people to live outside their means.

Ben and I discuss the many nuances of purchasing things in installments, going into debt, buying things on credit, and the implications those things have. We talk about how it reverses the hard work and reward cycle by stealing joy and replacing it with a bill.

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to use your free material to help people make the money they need to buy your products outright.
  • How to get people to act on the information they buy.
  • Why payment plans create negative emotions and bitterness around your products and your brand.
  • How to keep your product from being seen as a “bill” to your customer.
  • Why payment plans reverse the joy cycle.
  • Why payment plans are keeping people stuck.
  • Why payment plans steal your focus and ability to drive yourself to the next level.

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