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Raise your hand if you often stop yourself from putting something out there because it’s just not quite perfect.

I know I’ve done that a lot.

I consider myself a chronic perfectionist. I’m a recovering perfectionist though and I want to help you in this episode!

Many of us have perfect ideas in our mind but what comes out doesn’t match that perfect vision. This can be discouraging and it can keep us from producing.

The difference between you and someone who is able to do something perfectly every time with seemingly no effort is a sea of imperfect work. The only difference is that they’ve accepted imperfection and put out less-than-perfect work anyway.

It takes producing a sea of imperfect work to reach that point.

But even after reaching a point of mastery, our perfectionist tendencies can still hold us back and affect how we work with others.

We talk about why we struggle with perfectionism, how using the “90% perfect” concept can help, working with other perfectionists, and the difference between hustle and perfectionism.

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