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I just made a bold statement with this episode’s title. I know this.

Your parents absolutely can instill valuable principles and insights that can contribute to your success. I 100% believe this and I certainly have my parents to thank for many things that have contributed to my success (thanks Mom and Dad!).

However, the purpose of this episode is to make you aware of inherent biases and conflicts of interest that are present. Whether you have supportive parents of not, it’s important to understand how these emotions affect the advice a parent can give.

Objectively, parents want the best for their kids. They certainly don’t wish for them to be in danger or harm’s way. The last thing they want is for you to be hurt because they care about you. From a young age, we’re told to stay out of the street and not to talk to strangers. These are all for very good reason.

However, success requires risk. It also requires failure. Repeated failure. Therefore, it’s against the emotional nature of a parent to wish for you to be in risky situations or to encourage that you fail.

If your parents encouraged failure, you should thank them! It’s very rare.

Whether your parents were supportive or not, it’s important to be aware of emotional biases and conflicts of interest that are present. It’s not just the case with parents but also with things like the traditional education system. You have to remember that the traditional education system exists not to make you successful, but to protect its own infrastructure.

We talk about a lot of deep things in this episode: why we’re predisposed to avoid the very risk and failure that enables success, the different between assets and liabilities (and how only wealthy people truly understand the difference), why you might not be able to assess your own risk objectively, and my future vision for seanwes given all of this.

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