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I was on my way back from visiting family for the holiday and catching up on my listen and watch lists in the car. I’d taken my turn driving and now I was able to watch videos on my phone.

I was watching this interview with a very successful business man who used an older cell phone. He didn’t have a smart phone.

He explained that smartphones are a huge distraction. Instant messaging, emails, and social media are constantly sending a barrage of notifications and interruptions every 2 to 3 minutes all day long; it’s a complete killer of focus.

The true cost of a smartphone nowadays is not merely the $800 you spent on it for those hundreds of gigabytes of storage or the monthly fee you pay for data, but the value of the time lost using it.

He was explaining that you easily waste an hour a day because of it (and many people waste way more than just one hour a day). He said if you value your time at $100/hour, that’s 365 hours a year or $36,500 down the drain. But if you value your time at $1,000/hour, it’s a loss of $365,000 a year.

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