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I was asked recently how I learn so much.

Pretty much constantly, I am acquiring knowledge. Every chance I get, I’m acquiring knowledge.

If I get up from the computer, I’m playing something on my phone while I get get food in the kitchen. I’m constantly acquiring things. Constantly learning.

This person wanted to know my sources. I said I’ll do you one better—because I wanted to “teach a man to fish,” right?

Every time you hear a concept, name, book, reference, or anything at all, stop what you’re doing and look it up. Whenever you’re consuming content and you hear a new name, stop the recording and look it up.

Follow the rabbit trail. Then follow the rabbit trail’s rabbit trails.

Create a new email account and connect it to your main one. Sign up for a ton of email lists from people offering free courses—don’t hold back. Read their material and learn from it. Then take a step back and learn from how they’re teaching you.

The same thing again: every person they mention, book, concept, video, conference, etc., look it up!

You’re not allowed to come across any noun you don’t know without researching.

I only ever encounter a concept or a noun once without knowing it. Everything is researched.

When you hear someone reference a person, stop the recording. Look up the person’s name. Read about them. Google their background. Listen to interviews. Look at the interviewer’s other recordings. Listen to those. When you hear an interviewee mention another person, look them up. Repeat this.

Ignorance is unacceptable in today’s age of the internet.

There’s so much knowledge available. When you find a good source—when you find someone providing tons of value to you and giving you tons of knowledge—whenever they mention someone, look up those people. Keep following the rabbit trail!

Keep going from person-to-person and just glean everything that they have to offer. There’s so much free stuff available online.

There’s so many times people mention a name or a book and most people just ignore it. If they haven’t heard of it, they say, “Oh, I guess I haven’t read that book.” Go look that book up! Go order the book! There’s tons of knowledge there.

If you want to learn on hyper speed, you have to be aware when you’re learning. Stop the recordings. Stop the video. Stop the courses. Stop reading the book whenever you come across something that you don’t know.

You have to have this curiosity.

You have to want to know the answer. When you come across a person, look them up! Find their website. Even if they don’t link to social media, look for their social media accounts. Look for YouTube videos. Look for books. You have to actively seek this stuff.

But once you understand this—once you learn how to reverse engineer someone’s expertise and find out their sources—the knowledge is unlimited. You unlock this whole new level of learning.

Whenever someone on a podcast you’re listening to mentions an old episode, go back! Stop the podcast you’re listening to now, go back, and listen to the previous episode. There’s a reason it came to their mind. There’s a reason it came back to them. That’s probably because it’s something that resonated. It’s something that’s very important. If it’s important, you have to go find it.

Ignorance is unacceptable in today’s age.