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I remember buying a product once, and in the package was a hand-written note.

What a surprise! What a delight!

Someone took the time to write my name and a personalized message. It felt really special. This is an example of something that is unscalable.

While in the beginning you may be able to write a hand-written note for all of your customers, as you grow and as your business scales to hundreds or even thousands of orders, you will no longer be able to write personalized notes for every person even if you made it your full time job to write notes all day!

Some things don’t scale, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. Responding to every comment, message, or email in the beginning is the key to growing. Those connections and deep engagement will create ambassadors. They’re the people who will help you grow!

In this episode we talk about doing the unscalable things not only in the beginning, but how you should still be allocating time to do the things that don’t scale even when your business is much bigger.

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