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There’s a really big problem today.

You can be internet famous and have tens of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers and still be making no money.

You might even (gasp!) have to get a day job.

We have people thinking they can just “get famous” and once they have a massive audience, they’ll automatically be set for life and start making bank.

What’s wrong here? Why are there stars with 100,000 followers who still have to go to work at a minimum wage job?

They have no business model.

Repeat after me: a YouTube channel is not a business. A blog is not a business. An Instagram account is not a business. I don’t care how many followers you have. A BUSINESS is a business.

What is a business? That’s exactly what we talk about in this episode. You need a business plan and a strategy. Blogging and videos are acquisition channels. They are merely tools that advance someone on the Buyer’s Journey.

What is the Buyer’s Journey and how can blog posts and videos lead people to buy? I’m glad you asked. Tune in to the episode.

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