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Business assets are things you build that continue to serve you.

Compare having to work every month for money to having it come in automatically. We all want to build assets!

Because assets are so appealing, it’s tempting to try to get them as soon as possible.

But assets, like products, require upfront investment to acquire. It takes time, money, and effort. When you’re just starting out, you typically don’t have the money to afford the time to build assets.

This is why I recommend against trying to build assets as the very first thing you do. Instead, you should prioritize generating cashflow. When you start with a full focus on cashflow and building up front capital, you earn freedom.

Freedom is your first asset. The freedom that comes from the asset of cash in hand provides you the time and availability to work on investing in building other assets.

In this episode, I share a very purposeful and methodical approach to building assets from square one.

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