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Ben had a big goal the last time we met: he wants to make $500,000 in a year. I told him it’s doable, but I insisted we set the foundation.

In e233, we talked about the importance of focus and managing your time.

In e234, we talked about building business assets the smart way.

This is the third and final episode of our series you’ve been waiting for.

There are five critical things you need first. We talk about what those are.

Then, we reverse engineer exactly what it takes to make $500,000 this next year with your business.

Are you in?

Things You’ll Learn:
  • How to make your first $100,000.
  • How to make an amount that feels big become accessible to you.
  • Where to start when reverse-engineering a $500,000 a year business.
  • How to respect money but be indifferent to it.
  • Where to source your confidence from.
  • What you need to say no to get great clients.
  • How to get to a place where you can invest long term in a product business.
  • How to make what you want with only one client.
  • Why it’s better to fail big.
  • What to do to reverse engineer how to get where you want to go.
  • The systems, automation, and processes you need replicate your assets.

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