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Today, we talk about integrity.

More specifically, we talk about your reputation and your word, but it all stems from integrity.

The higher your integrity level, the more easily a good reputation happens automatically.

In other words, if you have integrity, you don’t have to work hard at shaping your reputation.

What does it mean if you commit to something? What does it mean if you say you’ll do something? Is there a 50% chance you’ll do it? An 80% chance? A 97% chance?

How valuable is your “yes”? What is the weight of your word?

It’s easy to make promises you can’t deliver on so people feel good in the moment, but it comes at the expense of the long-term relationship.

When it comes to business, are you selling with a focus only on today or are you serving with a focus on the next 30 years?

Your word is your reputation. Your reputation in business is everything.

How we operate in business is a reflection of how we operate in our personal lives. Today, I want to talk today about the importance of your words.

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