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Let’s say you’ve been blogging every week for two years now.

Last year, maybe you started a podcast (bear with me if you haven’t). Several months ago, you thought, “You know what? I might as well throw some videos into the mix!”

You’re good at making and sticking to commitments so your audience knows what to expect.

But now, imagine you just got back from a retreat. On the plane ride home, you did a lot of thinking because you didn’t want to pay $8 for wifi. You realized what you’re doing right now on a daily and weekly basis isn’t taking you where you want to go. Maybe it’s simply not allowing you the time to do the work you want to do.

You’ve come to the conclusion that a change needs to happen. But back at the ranch, people are expecting fresh content. You don’t want to let them down.

How do you realign the commitments you already made in the past so you can head in new direction to accomplish your current goals without alienating the audience that has come to expect new content from you?

Today’s show is all about the best way to break a commitment (and set new expectations too).

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