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What does it look like to own your life?

What if everything you had was bought in cash? People say they don’t like living in debt, but they keep using it as a tool.

It is possible to live a life without debt. It is possible to buy the life you want in cash. But it’s not easy.

Just wanting to have no debt isn’t enough. You have to define the life you want to have and work backwards from that. Shift your focus back toward the life you’ve always wanted to have for yourself: what does that look like? What does your ideal day entail?

It’s a matter of reverse engineering the life you want and making sacrifices to get there.

I guarantee this episode will give you a ton of ideas and a ton to think about. It’s not just about how to cut expenses and save money (though there are some great tips on that), it’s about shifting your focus to the areas where you have the greatest impact.

It’s better to make $10 than to save $2. I’ll show you places where you’re missing out on the $10.

I get really practical in the episode on how to focus your time, invest your resources, and take back ownership of your life.

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