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A lot of people think you need to be an expert to teach.

You don’t feel qualified or you don’t feel like you know as much as someone else. But all you need to know to teach is more than one other person!

It’s a common misconception that you have to be an expert to teach. It actually works the other way around: leaders are seen as experts BECAUSE they teach.

You might think teaching is a job best left to the masters. But the masters aren’t often the best people to teach the beginners. Often someone who is a little bit ahead is better able to relate to the struggles of a beginner. The master has already long forgotten.

Teaching establishes you as an expert. It’s a fantastic way to build an audience. But don’t think it stops there. Teaching is actually a great way to get clients too. While clients aren’t necessarily interested in learning how to do what you do, the very existence of educational material positions you as an expert.

Guess who clients want to hire? An expert.

There are so many benefits to teaching. In today’s show, we talk about those benefits and why you should be teaching what you know right now even if it’s not a part of your long-term focus.

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