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There are two ways to approach life: with an attitude of responsibility and with an attitude of excuses.

Responsibility and excuses have one thing in common: when you look for either one, you will always find what you’re looking for.

If you want to find someone to blame for your situation or external forces that are at fault, you will always find them. The same goes for places where you can take responsibility.

You can always find a way to take personal responsibility for everything.

This episode explores what it looks like to apply an attitude of responsibility to various scenarios of life such as clients, money, relationships, communication, and even citizenship.

What you will find with this approach is that there is no such thing as clients from hell. It’s your responsibility. The situation you’re in with money is because of choices you made. It’s your responsibility. The people you’re communicating with are not at fault for missing your message. It’s your responsibility.

It can be very challenging to approach life with an attitude of responsibility, but it is incredibly rewarding. You have full control over your life when you choose to take responsibility for everything.

You become a happier person, other people like you more, and you put off the victim mindset that is so prevalent in our culture.

You’ll never be bitter again. Taking responsibility is the most empowering thing you will ever do.

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