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On today’s sabbatical episode, I’m joined by Ben. This was an “after show” conversation that I thought I’d share as a mini episode.

Now, we don’t expect the internet to go away, but as a thought exercise, we talked about what would happen if it did. What would you have left? What would people do? How would they find you? What kinds of businesses could survive?

This really highlights the importance of your name and investing in that name. It also underscores the importance of building your own platform.

The relationships you’ve built are what remain. If you have an email newsletter, that can be a way to build a relationship with people, but only if you’re speaking to people as you would one person!

Many people address their newsletter as if they’re speaking to a crowd of thousands. But an email is just one person opening one email from one other person. The more you treat it that way, the more of a relationship you build.

I hope you enjoy the episode (it’s just a few minutes long). It definitely got us thinking.

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